The MBTI questionnaire is useful for self and group understanding. Based on the results, teams can understand their strengths and development needs and look for how to improve the way they work. With skillful facilitation the team can understand possible biases and begin to appreciate the importance of valuing differences of approach and perspective.

You can also use the FIRO-B for team building and it is an excellent addition to the MBTI. It helps you to understand likely sources of tension, your leadership style, how to improve decision making, and how to improve communication and to deal with conflict.

MBTI Team Report

Would you like to inspire your team? When people already know their MBTI type their individual results can be analysed and results provided. Teams can range in size from 3 to 64 members.

This report can help you to

  • identify your teams strengths and resources and also its potential weaknesses
  • maximise the positive elements from your strengths
  • look for how to minimize potential weak areas
  • create an action plan to improve effectiveness for how you work together as a team

The report begins by showing you, in a table format the number of people on your team with each preference. For example 3 Extraversion and 1 Introversion; 2 sensing and 2 Intuition. There is then a team similarity index to show degrees of similarity and how to use this data to be more effective. You can read about the strengths and weaknesses of your particular team profile. A separate section is then included so each member of the team can see how their strengths relate to the team profile. Details are provided on how the team, as a while, are likely to solve problems. For each individual you can see how your approach is similar or different to the group. Areas of conflict is addressed along with suggestions for how to improve team effectives and individual effectiveness.

You can access a sample report here

To buy: £20    

Each person in the team will need to purchase their own version of the team report in addition to their individual MBTI report (step 1 or step 2).

What’s included and costs

  • Downloadable full colour 14 page report

Personal feedback discussions are in addition as this is often incorporated into a MBTI team building event.

Enhancing two way communication – MBTI Work Styles Report

Sometimes we don’t work well with a colleague – there is conflict which can impact on efficiency at work.

This report can help you to :

  • understand how you communicate with each other
  • identify possible sources of misunderstanding
  • resolve or avoid communication conflicts
  • work together to develop a more productive working relationships where you can play to your combined strengths

The report begins by showing your results and then comparing results You get an easy to follow table which shows how you compare in the work place, and then moves onto specific differences in communication style information gathering, decision making and project management. for each it describes potential problems for both of you and guidance on how to create a joint action plan for decision making. Some further suggestions for how to move forward are also included.

You can access a sample report here

To buy: £50     

What’s included and costs

  • Downloadable full colour 14 page report
  • Personal feedback discussion

Can be used to enhance personal relationships as well!