Highlands Ability Battery

Here you can access a 2 page article which provides you with details on the highlands ability battery work samples:


The Johari Window

A great model for understanding about feedback.  Giving and receiving feedback is how we can understand how others see us, and let people know how we see them.


The Wheel of Life

The wheel of life is a way of portraying your life as segments of a circle, allowing an easy visual display of where you life may be out of balance.


Active Listening

We are taught how to read and write but not how to listen. We can enhance our relationships with others through effective listening. Here are 20 things you can do to enhance your listening skills.


Psychometric tests – top 10 FAQs

This article will provide you with answers to questions about psychometric tests.


Psychometric testing – hints and tips for candidates

Psychometric tests are used in recruitment. Feel more at ease by reading these tips for how to prepare and how to approach the testing session.