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MBTI Step 2 report

If you seek an in depth understanding of your personality this is the assessment to choose.

If you hate the thought of being put in a box, the MBTI Step 2 helps you to understand the real depth of your MBTI results. I now recommend it to everyone who is interested in personal development. There is nothing that compares to the richness of this assessment. In the basic form, there are 16 types. However, each of the four scales has five subscales, resulting in over a million possible combinations. You need to take the MBTI Step II to see your subscale results.

This indepth report covers

  • Introduction to the 4 preferences
  • Step 1 results
  • Step 2 results with very detailed breakdown of the facets
  • How to apply Step 2 to Communication with details on how to enhance communication which can be used for personal development
  • How to apply Step 2 to making decisions including some tips to help
  • How to apply Step 2 to managing change with details on how to enhance ways to manage change
  • How to apply step 2 to managing conflict including details o how to enhance ways to manage conflict
  • plus details on how to use you favourite and least favourite processes and how to use type and the facets to be more effective

see a sample report

In addition to the report you will receive a further explanation of MBTI, “MBTI Uncovered” personally created by Denise. This 17 page guide helps you to make sense of your results, and in particular how to improve your relationships with others. There is a comprehensive discussion of all the MBTI scales so you will be clear on the differences between Introversion and Extraversion; Sensing and Intuition; Thinking and Feeling; and Judging and Perception. It also helps you to make sure that the MBTI reported type – created via the on line questionnaire does fit right for you. You will complete a verification exercise and should the results differ, receive an explanation that relates to your verified type.

What’s included and costs

  • Everything you need to take the assessment on line
  • Downloadable full colour 18 page report
  • Additional reference booklet: MBTI Explored to help you get a deeper understanding of the assessment.
  • Indepth Personal feedback discussion with Denise, of approximately 45 minutes

Client Feedback

“Thank you for helping me to understand and find out who I am. Before I had never thought of who am I? How am I? And I never knew that it was so important. But now I do. I did do the Keirsey test a few weeks ago but it didn’t help me. The MBTI Step 2 report was much deeper and much detailed and that helped a lot. I think that your feedback call Denise, helped me to identify my strengths and weakness even better. I actually don’t want to call it a feedback call. I want to say it was a consultation call. You helped me to realize who I am, how I can use my strength in my life. I was confused before because I don’t like my day job and I didn’t understand why but now I have been making some changes and I am making progress.

The consultation and the reports have made me understand which career paths suit me. This was my biggest problem before. I don’t want to make it sound like a bragging but after the reports and the call I have been a happier person, because I am using my strengths and trying to make my weakness better”. Mehmet Onatli, Sweden