Personality assessments are highly popular as part of career choice. They provide information on the sort of person you are and can help understand how you best work.

The most popular is the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. The MBTI® assessment is a self-reporting personality assessment, designed to help people like you understand more about yourself.

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) helps you to understand who you are, your natural preferences, motivations, and potential areas for growth. It is particularly helpful to understand how to relate to people, especially those with a different personality type.

The MBTI® personality assessment helps to identify preferences in 4 areas:

  • How am I around people?
  • How do I prefer to gather information?
  • How do I make decisions?
  • What sort of lifestyle is best for me?


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The 4 MBTI Dimensions

The MBTI® personality assessment describes an individual’s personality preferences on 4 dimensions:

  • Where you get your energy from. Extraversion – prefers to gain energy from the outside world of activity, people and things OR Introversion – prefers to gain energy from the inner world of reflections, feelings and ideas (E/I)
  • How you prefer to gather information. Sensing – Prefers to focus on information gained from the senses and on practical applications OR Intuition – prefers to focus on patterns, connections and possible meanings (S/N)
  • How you prefer to make a decision. Thinking – prefers to make judgements on logic and objective analysis OR Feeling – prefers to base decisions on values and what is important to people (T/F)
  • Preferred lifestyle. Judging – likes a planned and organised approach to life and to make decisions OR Perceiving – likes a flexible, spontaneous approach and prefers to keep options open (J/P)

The MBTI® assessment doesn’t measure, but sorts, and sorts people into 16 types based on how they fall on the 4 scales, for example ISTJ and ENFP.

Benefits of taking the Myers Briggs Type indicator

Taking the MBTI ® personality assessment will help you to understand your natural preferences, motivations and potential for growth. You will find out why you get on well with some people, but with others things don’t go smoothly; learn how to enhance relationship, improve your leadership and communication skills. Understand how you make decisions and how this may differ from others and create a personal development plan.

Who should take the MBTI®?

  • People interested in personal development who want to understand themselves more.
  • Employees who want to be more effective when working with others.
  • Career changers to get ideas for future career options, although you need to think beyond a personality measure to make a career choice.

The MBTI® assessment is based on the work of mother and daughter Katherine Briggs and Elizabeth Briggs-Myers. Today the MBTI® assessment is one of the most widely used tools for self-awareness. It has been translated into several languages and is used to help people in career choices, in relationship and family counselling, in team development and executive coaching.


What’s included and costs

  • Everything you need to take the assessment on line
  • Downloadable full colour report
  • Additional reference booklet: MBTI Explored to help you get a deeper understanding of the assessment. This 17 page guide helps you to make sense of your results, and in particular how to improve your relationships with others. There is a comprehensive discussion of all the MBTI scales so you will be clear on the differences between Introversion and Extraversion; Sensing and Intuition; Thinking and Feeling; and Judging and Perception. It also helps you to make sure that the MBTI reported type – created via the on line questionnaire does fit right for you. You will complete a verification exercise and should the results differ, receive an explanation that relates to your verified type.
  • Personal feedback discussion

Please choose required report using the links below


Which Myers Briggs Report

MBTI Step 1: The classic assessment

Choose this to get an accurate assessment of your MBTI type.

For £105 you get to take the Step 1 assessment, receive your chosen report, have a feedback discussion with Denise (about 30 minutes). You also get an additional reference booklet- the 17 page eBook MBTI explored.

Choose between the following reports:

You may also like to consider the Type Dynamic Indicator.

MBTI Step 2: The in-depth assessment

MBTI Step 2 – This personality assessment will enable you to have an in depth understanding of your personality, highly recommended by Denise. This provides you with your MBTI Step 1 results plus details on the 5 sub scales (facets) for each of the MBTI scales – an enormous amount of material for self understanding and for personal development.

The MBTI step 2 assessment and report cost £155. You also get a feedback discussion (approximately 45 minutes) and an additional reference booklet – the 17 page eBook MBTI explored.

You can also take the MBTI alongside the Strong and get a combined report in addition to the 2 individual reports. If you request this when you order it will be at just an extra £25.

Overview of MBTI Step 2

Many people know about the MBTI through the Step 1 which provides details of your personal style and gives you one of 16 four letter codes, such as INTP.

If you hate the thought of being put in a box, the MBTI Step 2 helps you to understand the real depth of your MBTI results. I now recommend it to everyone who is interested in personal development. There is nothing that compares to the richness of this assessment. In the basic form, there are 16 types. However, each of the four scales has five subscales, resulting in over a million possible combinations. You need to take the MBTI Step 2 to see your subscale results.

The MBTI Step 2 assessment has 144 questions and takes about 25-35 minutes to complete. It is suitable for those 18 years old and above.

The MBTI Step 2 report

The Step 2 Interpretive Report is a highly personalised narrative and graphic report that helps you take a much more detailed perspective on your MBTI type. Step 2 goes into extensive detail on your personality, and the richness of the data will help you in personal and career development.

The report includes the Step 1 results so you understand your 4 letter personality type. It then breaks each of the 4 scales down into detail looking at the facets (sub scales) or each scale.

Step II results are then applied to four important components of executive development: communication, change management, decision making, and conflict management. The report describes your style in these four areas and suggests ways of using that style more effectively, thus creating a personal development plan. It’s an incredibly detailed personality assessment.


  • Initiating
  • Expressive
  • Gregarious
  • Active
  • Enthusiastic

  • Receiving
  • Contained
  • Intimate
  • Reflective
  • Quiet

  • Concrete
  • Realistic
  • Practical
  • Experiential
  • Traditional

  • Abstract
  • Imaginative
  • Conceptual
  • Theoretical
  • Original

  • Logical
  • Reasonable
  • Questioning
  • Critical
  • Tough

  • Empathic
  • Compassionate
  • Accommodating
  • Accepting
  • Tender

  • Systematic
  • Planful
  • Early starting
  • Scheduled
  • Methodical

  • Casual
  • Open ended
  • Pressure prompted
  • Spontaneous
  • Emergent

This in-depth report covers

  • Introduction to the 4 preferences
  • Step 1 results
  • Step 2 results with very detailed breakdown of the facets
  • How to apply Step 2 to communication with details on how to enhance communication which can be used for personal development
  • How to apply Step 2 to making decisions including some tips to help
  • How to apply Step 2 to managing change with details on how to enhance ways to manage change
  • How to apply step 2 to managing conflict including details o how to enhance ways to manage conflict
  • plus details on how to use you favourite and least favourite processes and how to use type and the facets to be more effective


MBTI Client Feedback

“I had a strong feeling of what areas I fell into but having done the MBTI step2 process I have gained a lot of clarity about where I am and it also made me think about where I want to be. The additional information that you provided is very powerful especially when you start thinking about how to put together a team of people and how you must communicate differently to them all. This would be vital when doing a presentation of any type and trying to estimate what different personalities you have and give the necessary information. This could be to a bank manager, a job interview, or trying to entice investors. Being able to understand others will take practice but will have huge dividends when thinking about the application of this”. Clint Gray, entrepreneur


“The reports were great, I have taken the MBTI several times over the past 20+ years and never has the feedback been as helpful as this. Denise, you have given me a better understanding of how my temperament affects both my business and personal life. I believe your personal touch and the explanation of the “MBTI Step 2″ has made the difference because of better identifying my strengths and my weaknesses. I really enjoyed when you showed me how I can use the personality traits that are not dominant (traits) to better communicate and make decisions. Very interesting stuff and I find myself already using it in practical application. Sound like an INTJ don’t I?” Bill Robertson, Entrepreur, New Mexico, USA


“Thank you for helping me to understand and find out who I am. Before I had never thought of who am I? How am I? And I never knew that it was so important. But now I do. I did do the Keirsey test a few weeks ago but it didn’t help me. The MBTI Step 2 report was much deeper and much detailed and that helped a lot. I think that your feedback call Denise, helped me to identify my strengths and weakness even better. I actually don’t want to call it a feedback call. I want to say it was a consultation call. You helped me to realize who I am, how I can use my strength in my life. I was confused before because I don’t like my day job and I didn’t understand why but now I have been making some changes and I am making progress. The consultation and the reports have made me understand which career paths suit me. This was my biggest problem before. I don’t want to make it sound like a bragging but after the reports and the call I have been a happier person, because I am using my strengths and trying to make my weakness better”. Mehmet Onatli, Sweden


“I thought the personalized report of the MBTI Assessment was excellent. I got a lot of very insightful tips on maximizing my relationships (business and personal) and productivity which is sure to improve my businesses. In fact, it was so complete that I thought the personal one-on-one session with Denise would mostly be a waste of time. Little did I know what I did not know. The personal session with Denise filled in a lot of gaps and answered questions I did not even know I needed to ask. Suddenly, things that I had read had a whole new level of meaning and understanding. I highly recommend that you add the personal one-on-one session to the assessment. Denise really helps you complete the picture”. Paul Stork, USA


Alison – PA to Legal Executive. “I have received paid careers counselling in the past but do feel that this time, my desired outcome – a job I can truly say I love, may at long last be within my grasp. Having previously done the Myers Briggs I found the Highlands Ability Battery to be a refreshingly different and useful tool which complements the knowledge I have gained about myself and my working preferences to date. However, it is your ability to synthesise results from the HAB, Myers Briggs and an individuals passions and interests which I believe differentiates you from others in your field.” Read the feedback letter

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