Firo B logo Fundamentals of Interpersonal Relations Orientation FIRO-B Interpretive report for organisations

Firo B report

This is an excellent assessment to understand your behaviour and the behaviour of others in your organisation. It is not a comprehensive personality test and is powerful when combined with the MBTI.

You can access a sample report here

The report includes:

  • Introduction
  • Your results displayed in a table form
  • Description of your individual needs with an overall summary
  • Patterns of needs fulfilment for Inclusion
  • Patterns of need fulfilment for Control
  • Patterns of need fulfilment for Affection
  • Using your results for career development
  • Using your results for team effectiveness
  • Using your results to understand your leadership style

To buy: £80

What’s included and costs

  • Everything you need to take the assessment on line
  • Downloadable full colour 13 page report
  • Personal feedback discussion