Assessments for career & personal success

This is the place to choose assessments to help you find out more about who you are and help with making career choices.

Assessments will help you to understand more about yourself – your abilities, personality, interests and more and this can be an effective means of making a career choice and increasing career satisfaction.

Practice sessions can help preparation for a forthcoming assessment centre or testing session.

No assessment will tell you exactly what you should do – you make the decisions, but assessment can provide effective information to inform your decision making. This can then be considered alongside your own ideas, skills and background, values, goals and more.

There are many different assessments out there, and you can access free ones (usually a “rip off” version which break copyright laws) but free ones will never give you a proper interpretation.

We use the most effective assessments available – the Highlands Ability Battery, Myers Briggs Type Indicator ®, Strong Interest Inventory, Firo B and TKI. We also have other assessments, including those used in recruitment – the 16PF5, Saville Consulting Wave, Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal and a range of ability tests.

The top selling assessments are included here, and use the menu above or the links below for details of all assessments available.

Assessments can help you find out more about yourself


I want to identify my natural abilities and talents to help with study and career choice


I want to know more about who I am to enhance relationships and make career choices


I want to get study and career ideas based on my interests


I want to gain a deep understanding of myself to enhance relationships with others

I liked your approach a lot, very informative, but also tailored it to me, by asking questions at the right points to focus my thinking on how I would apply what I was learning.Marie W, Northants


Programmes are a way of combining assessments together, with the option of additional career coaching. This includes the award winning Gold Career Programme (winner of a national career award in 2007) which combines the Highlands Ability Battery, Myers Briggs Type Indicator (Step 2) and the Strong Interest Inventory, along with in-depth discussions, values exercise and much more. Other programmes include the Bronze, Silver and Silver Plus.

Career coaching

Choose careers coaching to find out what you want to do. It’s effective, and you get results quickly. This isn’t careers coaching with someone who has done a one day course or basing their support on personal experience, but effective careers coaching and careers counselling with a chartered psychologist and registered career guidance practitioner who has specialised in this area for over twenty years, and has worked effectively one to one with 1000+ clients.


Team building

Creating effective teams can be helped by the use of assessments, as a standalone event or as part of a wider team building initiative. For example using the MBTI each team member can have an individual feedback session followed by a group discussion linked to business planning.